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  Recall that an experience, I will can not help secretly sigh, feeling the pity.

  One day, the school held a dictation contest of Chinese characters. Class's class, the teacher called me and several other players to the fifth floor conference room. First, we took a sign, I drew the no. 3, the in the mind a burst of joy. We made a demonstration, we quietly waiting in place. At this moment, a burst of noise reached our ears. A large group of students to be a tidy team came along. Originally quiet room, immediately turned into a "buy market". When the host speak, was silent immediately below.

  The race began! My hands began to shake and write, hand trembling to more severe! Group, the former two men went out it was my turn to play, my heart like fifteen buckets to draw water only - so anxious. I'm a total war 12 rounds, ended in the word "miracle". I was very strange, how do I won't it?

  In individual events has begun! Class and "other" 3 "than several field. At last class only me and two (2) people, all have held her breath, eyes stared at. At this time, the teacher said that the" wings "I listen to" Chiang ". I am out of the picture, the finals.

  At this time, the teacher out of the "vibrate" looked at the man, they all write wrong! I think: "if I just write the word on the that I could have the first name."







  When I was five years old, one Sunday afternoon, this is my first time to play computer. Dad said: "this is a mouse, this is the keyboard......" Then, dad in a hurry go out, the story of a rich lessons took place.

  I sit at the computer in front, according to pass together, the result out an reads delete something, I feel very curious, and then press the ok. Then, an icon on the computer screen immediately, it turns out the key is to take away the "junk" on the computer screen. Too good, I want to take away all the "junk". Then I according to the steps to remove just now. I delete can be entertained, and also called out: "I delete I delete delete delete delete..." In a short time, I was confused: why online neighbors and my computer and how to delete the recycle bin not. When dad came back, I happily tell dad I help clean up garbage process, computer's dad hit the ceiling result, originally I not clear "junk", but my dad spent most of the genius has installed the software yesterday, dad immediately called me a dog blood spray head.

  Through this thing I got a lesson: curiosity is not no, but some people are just ran a curse because of curiosity, so we are curious to curious, don't more hands feet, so as not to trouble.